Hot Tub Time Machine 2 – Funny but a lot of inappropriate things

HotTube2Film and television reviews by our resident autistic film critic Maymay.

When Lou finds himself in trouble, Nick and Jacob fire up the hot tub time machine in an attempt to get back to the past. But they inadvertently land in the future with Adam Jr. Now they have to alter the future in order to save the past – which is really the present.

This was a funny movie.I thought Craig and Clark were really good at playing their characters.I really liked the nerd song that Craig and Rob sang in the movie. I found it funny that Lou got in a fight with a smart Smart car and then made up with it.How do you even fight with a car? I thought the suicide prevention net was cool and that you could watch tv anywhere even if you were outside.I liked Jacob’s house.It was pretty cool looking and fancy.Although I like hot tubs and time travel I think I rather go time traveling in the Tardis than a hot tub that runs on some chemical. I did not like the head getting blown off. I thought Lou was mean but he changed which made me like him later on.This is not a movie for little kids.There is a lot of inappropriate things in this movie.

4.5 stars