Hope for Three conducts autism awareness campaign and training for law enforcement officers

image taken from the Hope For Three Facebook page

image taken from the Hope For Three Facebook page

HOUSTON — Hope for Three, a Houston-based non profit organization, teamed up with Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Department to conduct Crisis Intervention Trainings (CIT) for local law enforcement officials.

CIT is an initiative by Hope for Three which aims to raise awareness about autism among law enforcers, and provide them training on the proper way of dealing with individuals with autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

Samantha Katchy is the Hope for Three’s Family Assistance Coordinator and together with Sgt. Scott Soland of the Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Department, they┬árecently conducted the CIT at the George Gus Academy where 45 law enforcers from the county and nearby areas where in attendance. According to Katchy they want to “inform, empower and equip” their officers in the best practices for interacting with individuals on the autism spectrum:

“Having the ability to analyze common autism signs and risks allows officers to not only protect and serve effectively, but give parents and guardians of individuals with autism a sense of comfort.”

Hope for Three has so far given the CIT to over 600 law enforcers from Forts Bend and Harris as well other surrounding counties nearby.

Interested parties who wish to schedule a CIT in their areas can contact Ms. Katchy at 281-245-0640 or samantha@hopeforthree.org.

Source: Yourfortbendnews.com: First responders respond to autism