Girl Scout Hosts a Beach party for children with Autism

Germantown, Maryland – A 16 year old Girl Scout organized and hosted a party for children in her community who have an Austism Spectrum Disorder.

Inspired by her 12 year old sister who has ASD, Ladan Mohammed recently came up with the idea of holding a beach party-themed event at the Germantown Community Recreation Center. With the help of Beth Lewis, her sister’s former special education teacher, and three other volunteers. The 9 invited guests were able to socialize and engage in a variety of different activities.

With arts and crafts tables, a large sandbox and beach boys throughout, the excited attendees were able to play in a social setting, something that they often do not have the opportunity to do. Ladan states:

“My sister has autism and I just noticed that children like her don’t get the same opportunities to hang out with their friends.”

Now the teen is set to receive a gold award from the Girl Scouts due to her efforts which reflect her innovative, creative and compassionate spirit. However, the party not only proved to be an achievement for Ladan. It was also a success both for the parents and kids who attended as it enabled them all to reach out, talk and essentially connect with one another in a comfortable environment.

The original article by Samantha Schmieder on the Gazette.Net website can be found here