Florida man pedalling for Autism

Sunny Isles Beach, Fl – Founder of not for profit group Jorge Zighelboim has embarked on an epic 500 miles bike ride in a crusade to change Florida state’s Autism Insurance mandate.

Zighelboim’s daughter Gabriella now seven, was diagnosed with autism in 2008, families living in the state are entitled to up to $36,000 in reimbursements per annum, with a cap of $100,000 as a lifetime maximum figure for treatment.

Gabriella’s treatment ended up running into thousands of dollars that the Zighelboims had to fund themselves and then fight the insurance companies for. Mr Zighelboim ended up moving his family to Massachusetts for better insurance options.

Unfortunately the marriage broke down and Mr  Zighelboim has moved back to Miami, FL. Talking to the Florida Sun Sentinel, he said that when he got too tired to pedal, he thinks of his daughter.

He added:

“I’ve got all the autistic kids riding with me on my back. It’s a pleasure to carry them”