Film review – Diary of a Teenage Girl an “awkward movie to sit through”

Diary-Of-a-Teenage-GirlFilm and television reviews by our resident autistic film critic Maymay.

A teen artist living in 1970s San Francisco enters into an affair with her mother’s boyfriend. Like most teenage girls, Minnie Goetze (Bel Powley) is longing for love, acceptance and a sense of purpose in the world. Minnie begins a complex love affair with her mother’s (Kristen Wiig) boyfriend, “the handsomest man in the world,” Monroe Rutherford (Alexander Skarsgård). What follows is a sharp, funny and provocative account of one girl’s sexual and artistic awakening, without judgment.

Ok that was a awkward movie to sit through. It was sex, drugs, nudity and alcohol in like every scene and I never want to see it again. There was nothing I liked about the movie except the nosy little sister, Gretel. She was like the only normal child and really cared for her sister and loved her. This felt as bad a Wolf of Wall Street did when I saw that. It is a movie I wish I could un-see. Monroe was so creepy and it was weird that he let this happen. Kimmie seemed like a bad influence and she and Minnie both made bad decisions. This is not for kids and I don’t think its for young adults either. I liked the end of the movie the best. Kristen Wiig was good with playing her character. She played the role well. I liked Abby Wait and how she played her character. Her character seemed pretty smart. Gretel was definitely like Pascal. He was a scholar and was really smart.

1 star