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The R Word

image taken fro The R-Word Facebook page

The R-Word – Amanda Lukoff is a filmmaker based in Washington, D.C., her older sister,  Gabrielle, has Down syndrome.

Together with her husband Danny Egan, Amanda decided to make the film documentary, The R-Word, in order to find out about the history and the implications of using the word ‘retarded.’

Amanda told The Mighty.

“We want to show people that the word [retarded] actually has a big impact when we use it,” and then further adds.“It’s not a lighthearted joke that some people believe it to be.”

Amanda Lukoff, image taken from Facebook

Amanda Lukoff, image taken from Facebook

The R-Word film website states:

‘The inappropriate use of the r-word, as a derogatory slang term used to put people down, continues to marginalize and dehumanize an entire population of people and their families and friends. Films have been made about individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities, and even their specific disability. No one has made a film about the r-word… until now.’

The trailer for The R-Word can be viewed below.

On the website Amanda further explains that growing up with an older sister who has an intellectual disability has made her a more “open-minded, understanding, accepting and compassionate human being.”

At present The R-Word, is in pre-production as it is awaiting further funds. To date the IndieGoGo campaign has raised $24,962 of its $200,000 goal, the fundraiser will end on May 3. Amanda told The Mighty that the film will go ahead no matter what funds are raised.

“It’s about everyone affected by that word and it’s about raising awareness. It’s about recognizing that people with intellectual disabilities are just that — people.”

So far the cast includes, Loretta Claiborne, Scrubs actor John C. McGinley and actress Lauren Potter from Glee.

The R-Word film website can be found here

The R-Word IndoieGoGo website can be found here

Source: The Mighty: Little Sister Sets Out to Reveal the History of the R-Word