Father of Sandy Hook Tragedy Sets up Dylan’s Wings of Change Foundation to Help Other Autistic Children

Connecticut School ShootingNewton, Connecticut – one year ago today, December 14, 2012 Ian Hockley’s son, Dylan 6 was tragically killed in the Sandy Hook shootings.

Dylan’s Wings of Change is a non-profit organisation dedicated to raising Autism awareness.

Dylan was Autistic and was supported at the school by his aid, Anne Marie Murphy. Mr Hockley told Metro that Dylan had just started to read and write.

When interviewed by Andrea Park in Metro Mr Hockley shares how Dylan loved to bounce on the trampoline and that he misses the sound of his son’s laughter. He poignantly says:

“It’s not that we don’t have laughter, but we don’t have his laughter.”

‘Dylan’s Wings of Change is a Foundation devoted to supporting children with autism spectrum disorders and other special educational needs.’ Dylan’s Wings of Change.

The Foundation wants to provide support through the giving of technology and by offering athletic activities.

Mr Hockley describes how Dylan loved to play tag and kickball and he wants other autistic children to have the support that they need in order to participate in sports.

Dylan’s Wings of Change has already raised more than $20,000.

Me Hockley ends by telling Metro

“In one hand, you have this massive pain, and in the other hand you can collect wonderful things and friends. If you collect enough things, the pain will never go away, but you have some balance. One day, the good hand will be bigger than the other.”

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