Father of adult son with autism files complaint against Doug Ford, calls for councillor’s resignation and told to “go to hell”



Toronto, Canada – The father of a son with autism has filed a complaint against city councillor Doug Ford for making disparaging remarks regarding an area group home for adults with ASD.

The claim stems from comments made by Ford to an Etobicoke newspaper wherein the councillor stated that the group home is detrimental to the neighborhood it is located in and will lead to a rise in crime rates and a decrease of property values.

Tommy Lenathen, a veteran city worker and former union member whose adult son Thomas has been successfully integrated into the community due to the support he has received at the home, has requested that  Ford be required to apologize, undergo sensitivity training and resign.

Metro News Canada website states that Lenathen says:

“I do believe his comments were unbecoming of a councillor. It shows a total ignorance of what autistic kids are and kids who are developmentally delayed.”

Ford told the Toronto Sun on Thursday.

“He can go to hell, I don’t even care,”

He also told the Sun:

“This is not normal in democracy. . . It is a full out jihad against us right now.”

Despite the criticism Ford has faced, he has continued to defend his remarks arguing that the majority of area residents do not want group homes in their neighborhood but that the problem is largely systemic. Lenathen has received confirmation from the city’s integrity office that his complaint has been forwarded to Ford who has until July 14th to respond.