Family launch Indiegogo campaign to buy young woman with autism a home of her own

Karle1Alexandria, Virginia, United States – We love to meet and connect with people via twitter and recently we ‘met‘ Molly Herbst, who is mother to Karlie, a 24-year-old woman who was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder at the age of seven. Karlie’s sister, Katherine Herbst has launched the Indiegogo campaign, Raise this House for a Young Woman with Autism on Jan 19 with the aim to raise $40,000 by February 18, 2015 when the campaign will close.

Below is a short video, Who is Karlie? — Raise this House Intro Video, that explains how Karlie’s friends and family are all supporting her in her quest to be able to buy a small condo that is for sale behind the pet store, where she works in the town. Thus is also not too far from the family home.


You can find the Indiegogo campaign; Raise this House for a Young Woman with Autism

You can follow Molly Herbst on twitter @ChangingFifty and on Facebook

We got in touch with Molly, as we wanted to learn more about Karlie and the campaign.