Dr. Temple Grandin talks about the strengths of autistic minds

CC BY-NC-ND by dianecordell

CC BY-NC-ND by dianecordell

Monterey Peninsula, California – Dr.Temple Grandin will be speaking at two events this week. She will be challenging the way in which the world views autistic people.

Speaking via phone interview to Matt Davenport of Monterey County Herald she said:

“Half of Silicon Valley’s got mild autism, they just avoid the labels,”

The article reports that on Friday 24 at the Hyatt Regency Monterey, Dr. Grandin will be talking about the strengths of autistic minds and that strengths found need to be cultivated.

Her mother, Eustacia Cutler, will also talk about the importance of education and the stresses involved when raising an autistic child.

Dr. Grandin will also be speaking at the EcoFarm Conference at the Asilomar Conference Grounds in Pacific Grove about animal behaviour.

Dr Grandin told the paper:

‘It is important that parents catch autism symptoms early and learn how to help autistic children develop their strengths.’

She also told of how individuals may use their distinctive skills to find a career as she did adding that Steve Jobs was probably on the spectrum.

Within the article Dr. Grandin states that autism is a spectrum condition meaning it ranges from mild to severe and that each case has different needs.

She further adds:

“I’m getting very concerned that some of these kids on the milder end aren’t learning skills like how to work and how to keep a job,”

Dr Grandin. is also reported as saying that severe cases of autism can be recognised in children as early as 2 or 3. She then adds that milder forms of autism because of their subtlety may go unnoticed until the child is much older and at elementary school.

Dr Grandin shares the view that all parents should seek help in engaging their children no matter where they are on the spectrum.

She then adds that the worst thing you can do is nothing.

The original article by Matt Davenport in the Monterey County Herald can be found here