Dr James Morton autism activist receives Order of Australia honour w/video

Screenshot taken from the AEIOU Foundation YouTube video

Screenshot taken from the AEIOU Foundation YouTube video

Queensland, Australia – The doctor responsible for creating the World’s Greatest Shave is now being recognized for his work in autism treatment and therapy.

Dr Morton founded the Autism and Early Intervention Outcomes Unit Foundation (AEIOU) in 2005 after his son Andrew was diagnosed with the disorder. Dr Morton and his wife Louise chose to address the issue head-on yet admit that their desire to take action was partially motivated by the fact that at the time, they knew little about autism. He states:

 “I remember going to the paediatrician and walking back with Louise afterwards. We didn’t know what it was.”

However today, the esteemed specialist has not only gained a fuller understanding of ASD, he has also managed to found an organization that has helped over 1000 families receive early intervention therapy for their children.

Dr Morton has therefore received the Order of Australia for his tireless work on behalf of families impacted by autism and believes that significant strides have been made thus far. However he argues that more federal funding will be needed in the next four years in order to provide children on the spectrum with the services that they need. As a result, Dr Morton is calling for the nation’s two major political parties to commit to addressing the issue at hand.

The AEIOU Foundation can be found by clucking here

Source: Jorge Branco on the Brisbane Times website: World’s Greatest Shave founder, autism leader honoured