July 14, 2014

CC BY-NC-ND by rcpromike
CC BY-NC-ND by rcpromike

CALIFORNIA –  Earlier this year a lawsuit against Walt Disney Parks and Resorts was filed by several families with special need children, stating Disney’s new policy for people with disabilities are in violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

This week, Disney, in a 93 page filing with the United States District Court for the Central District of California denied charges bought by the earlier lawsuit. Disney officials at  Disneyland and Disney World stated the changes in their disability accommodations were in part, because of “widespread abuse” of the old system. Autism Daily Newscast produced a series of articles on this policy change last fall. These reports can be found here.

The Disability Scoop article states that during court proceedings, Disney said that it works individually with guests with special needs and that;

“all guests with disabilities are provided the level of accommodation required by law”

Under the new system at the Walt Disney Parks and  Resorts, those with disabilities will be able to obtain a card allowing them to schedule a return time for rides based on current wait times. No mention is made as to whether they will be allowed to proceed directly to the front of the line or remain in line which  has a shorter wait time.

Rhonda Trotter, an attorney for Disney, in response to the lawsuit says:

“Disney was not required under federal or state law to provide unlimited, repeated, immediate access to its rides and attractions as the only available accommodation for purposes of reasonably accommodating plaintiffs’ alleged disability,”

The original article by on the Disability Scoop website can be read here


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