Discounted weighted vests and affordable wrap arounds for children with autism

Weighted vest are trusted as an aid to children with autism. It is proven to be durable and dependable in supporting them with their routine and sleep as it provides just the right amount of added weight and pressure for calming effects. This is second in our series on weighted vests.

Unfortunately, weighted vests may come as costly to those with budget constraints. Children with autism need a lot of medication and aid products, and a weighted vest may fall short in the parent’s list of priorities.

There is an alternative however. With discounted weighted vest, there is no need to drop the weighted vest from the list of things to buy for the child with autism.

In terms of quality, the relatively affordable weighted compression vest has effective proprioceptive input. The material used, neoprene, is soft for sustained comfort. The vest is designed for better air flow and ventilation as well. The weights — two 1/2 pound and four 1/4 pound — can be found in the pockets for easy adjustment and removal. The side hooks on the other hand make way for comfort.

If weighted vests still seem expensive and your child is still a toddler, you may opt for the weighted wrap arounds which are more affordable. The weighted wrap arounds have the same function as the weighted compression vest. It adds extra pressure on the body of the child for better sensory information processing. Having 100% cotton corduroy and a non-toxic and hypoallergenic PET pellet as materials, you are assured of the comfort and safety it provides.

Studies show that weighted wrap arounds make joints and muscles work a little bit more, thus providing calming effects to children with autism. It also helps in activities that require organizing, focusing, and balancing. Simply wear the weighted wrap arounds for no more than half an hour. You will notice that there is an increased attention whether at home or in school. It is most useful during meal times as it helps the child to stop fidgeting since it has a non-latex elastic loop.

To wash weighted wrap arounds, you may either machine wash or hand wash them.

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