Denver nineteen year old with autism wins Temple Grandin Award

Benjamin and Malva Tarasewicz

Benjamin and Malva Tarasewicz

Denver, Col – Nineteen year old Benjamin Tarasweicz was diagnosed with autism as a toddler. He is now a public speaker and ambassador for living with autism.

He has received the 2013 Temple Grandin award for raising awareness of autism. The award celebrates individuals with autism who make a difference in today’s world. He has just released his first book : Benjamin Breaking Barriers – a story of hope.

In a candid interview with 9 news (view below) Benjamin explains that he has always had a problem with communication but has overcome to inspire many thousands of pupils in the Denver area with his message of acceptance for all.

Temple Grandin said of Benjamin:

“I really liked the way Benjamin was ‘stretched’ by his mother to achieve new things. Too many kids on the autism spectrum are over protected. Fixations were directed into creative, useful activities.”