Danny Young, guitarist from Banbury recognised by US music industry giants

Banbury, UK – Danny Young who has Asperger’s is a talented guitar player who has gained recognition from music companies in the US who require his skills to help sell their gadgets.

The Banbury Gazette report that:

“He is feted by music industry giants including Slash, Yngwie Malmsteen and guitar legend Jason Becker whose signature guitar pick up is one of the pieces of equipment for which Young was chosen to be the official demonstrator.’

Danny who is a top 20 sponsors’ choice finalist in 2011 Guitar Idol is now working on a solo album which is being recorded at Northgate Studios, Banbury.

“I didn’t start playing the guitar until I was 14. I’d suffered a serious accident which left my hand partially paralysed and my dad gave me his guitar in the hope that the movement might stimulate more function,”

After his success at the Guitar Idol competition, Mr Young then applied to the Arts Council and Banbury Charities for funds to video a showcase highlighting his talents and he was successful.

The video caught the attention of large American guitar companies who have now used Mr Young to produce product demonstrations. Mr Young believes that this has enabled him to shine a brighter light on his campaign to raise awareness for artists with Asperger’s.

You can watch a demonstration of Mr Young’s talent here

The original article in the Banbury Guardian can be read here