Daniel Wolff runs in great grandfather’s footsteps

Lost Angeles, CA – Daniel Wolff, grate grandson of Fredrick “Freddie” Wolff is flying from the UK to complete in the Special Olympics most grand event The World Games. Daniel is only 1 out of the 100 representing his country on August 2, 2015.

The event will take place across 28 venues including Memorial Coliseum which was the site of the 1932, and 1984 Olympic Games. The Games will have over 7,000 athletes representing 177 countries, 3,000 coaches, 30,000 volunteers and over half-a-million spectators. 

Freddie Wolff ran the first leg of the race in Berlin in the 1936 games and he, along with William Roberts and Godfrey Brown set new European records with their historic win. Now, his great grandson with autism is taking the baton and running to glory.   

“To represent Special Olympics Great Britain in LA actually means the world to me,” Daniel told ESPN UK, “I will try to run like my great grandfather and bring home a medal for my country. That would be fantastic.”

Daniel was diagnosed with autism at an early age and found running vary relaxing.

“Running is a nice way of getting rid of anything that I’m stressed about,” 

Recently he moved into his own apartment and plans to continue his education and will train for the event in his free time.

Contributed by Audrey L. Hollingshead 

Source: Alex Perry on the ESPN UK website: Wolff on hunt for family Olympic gold