Country Singing Sensation Luke Bryan Sings to Four Year Old Boy With Asperger Syndrom – His Biggest fan

image taken from Facebook

image taken from Facebook

ALBANY COUNTY, NEW YORK –     A four year old boy, Riley, who has Asperger syndrome finds a whole new world listening to Luke Bryan’s country hits.

His mother Marjorie wrote in a letter to  WGNA Albany Country Radio.

“When Riley pretends to be Luke, he is a whole other person,

“He’s not afraid or shy. He has confidence and feels free.”

Marjorie sent the letter to WGNA Albany Country Radio after attending a Luke Bryan concert. On their way out of the concert, Marjorie explained that her main intention on sending the letter to the radio station was to let artists,  like Luke, know that their music has a powerful impact and helps those with learning disabilities and autism spectrum disorders to express themselves.

WGNA was so moved that they forwarded the letter to Luke Bryan and asked if they could set up a time for him to call into the radio station and speak to Riley.  Luke immediately agreed.

Marjorie and Riley thought they were going to the station to talk about how music can build bridges for children with Autism.  It was a huge surprise to find out Luke was on the phone listening!

The original article by Sean McMaster on the WGNA Albany County Radio website can be read here