Community help buy ELF bike for teen with Autism

steering wheelSteinbach MANITOBA –   Braiden Krahn, 19, has had the support of his local community in helping him to become more independent.  Braiden who is on the autistic spectrum,  has never learned to drive and cannot ride a bike.

However, with the help of the local community in Steinbach, Braiden now has the independence he has so longed for.

$9,000  was needed to purchase an  ELF bike, which is a  cross between a car and a bike. The local community raised a total of  $5,000.

His mother, Annette, told that her son has been reliant on others to get out and about in the rural community. CBC News Manitoba quote her as saying:

“If it wasn’t for everybody he wouldn’t have this bike,” she said. “So we really appreciate it. It’s very life-changing. It’s made a big difference for his self-esteem.”

The bike  can be peddled or can run on solar or electric power. So far there have been a few wobbles. such as the battery losing power and the bike did flip onto its side. However, although a little nervous,  Braiden values this independence and has started to look for a job.

The original article on the CBC News Manitoba website can be read here