Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Creates Autism Roadmap

image taken from Facebook

image taken from Facebook

Philadelphia – Two Autism experts Debra Dunn and Gail Stein from Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia created an online resource center for parents and people on the autism spectrum.

Titled the Car Autism Roadmap, the websites features easy to understand articles about the learning difference from autism experts inside and outside their hospital. ABC 6 Action News met with the pair to talk about this amazing website and Dunn commented that it’s perfect for:

“Whether they had a new child diagnosed, or an adult living with autism.”

This website certainly helped Cynthia Robertson who has a son on the spectrum. When Carson, her first born, was diagnosed with the learning difference she was at a loss of where to get well researched information. She devoured books from the library, but felt they were out-of-date. In addition, she had no real way of knowing if the information she found online was trusted and true.

“I would go to medical conferences, I would go to different support groups, just to learn what was current,”

Now, thanks to Dunn and Gail’s leg work started two years ago she, and many parents like her, don’t have to go far. The Car Autism Roadmap has articles for just about everything:

“We cover family issues, from toilet training your child, to holidays – you know, Thanksgiving with your child with autism,”

Dunn told Action News. The website even features articles written by people on the spectrum so parents and friends alike can get a personal, inside view of what it’s like living on the spectrum.

The original article by Ali Gorman, R.N. on the ABC 6 Action News site can be read here