Cher to perform for Autism Speaks event

CHERLegendary pop singer Cher, is urging her die hard fans to get involved in raising money for Autism Speaks Sound off campaign.

Other famous names to take part are Jack Black, Peter Dinklage, Adam West Breaking Bad’s Bryan Cranston and Jim Parsons.

Participating celebrities will record a personalised message for a small donation of $299, which will go towards autism research and advocacy.

Celebrity messages will be available for purchase for one week only, October 7 – 13, 2013. Fans can register online at to receive a reminder just prior to the October 7 campaign. A limited number of messages will be available from each celebrity on a first come, first served basis.

Fans will have the unique opportunity to specify what they want their chosen celebrity to say in the message. Autism Speaks will send fans a digital file of their message once it has been recorded by their celebrity.

Cher announced her participation over Social networking site
on October 8, urging all her followers to help out for the cause. She tweeted:

“Want me to record a custom message for you? I’m participating in Sound Off For Autism Speaks – it’s time… #SoundOff4AS,”

The star who helped raise awareness for children with facial deformities after starring in the 1985 film Mask co starring Eric Stoltsz. The 67 year old is currently on her “dressed to kill” tour of America, and has campaigned tirelessly for various causes. She uses Twitter prolifically to share her opinions with her followers.

Recently she expressed her dissatisfaction with her fellow A-listers use of the Social networking site by tweeting:


“I don’t like it when all the Little Monsters [Lady Gaga fans] come down on me, I think young artists don’t realise that you have to support one another and there no room for b***hing,” Cher recently told UK newspaper the Telegraph.

“Women stand together and so do artists. You might fight if you don’t like someone but you still have to support them.”