October 7, 2014

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Birmingham, AL– Celebrities including former NBA star Charles Barkley, came out in full force to celebrate the 17th annual Autism Shines Gala in Hoover this year.

Barkley, Lance Taylor, Jim Dunnaway and Ryan Brown all lent their support to the Autism Society of Akabama (ASA) yearly event, which featured a seated dinner, entertainment and a silent auction.

Several local organizations also got involved including Donahoo auto, a local car dealership that pledged $5000, donated a car to be used as a prize and generally helped to raise awareness regarding the event within the community.

With Pharrell Williams’ hit song “Happy” playing in the background, guests were able to enjoy a night of revelry and celebration. However the event also served to provide ASA members with the opportunity to pay tribute to some of the organization’s most tireless supporters. They also announced upcoming initiatives that are currently being developed.

Image taken from twitter
Image taken from twitter

Subsequently, the gala was considered to be an unqualified success, boasting one of its highest recorded attendance numbers in its 17 year history.

Chairman Lauren Reid asserts:

“This event has the largest attendance of all previous galas and we are pleased to have so many supporting our cause.”

All of the money raised through the event will be used to fund ASA’s future projects and endeavors.

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