Changes prompt job loss fear in UK autism school

North Devon, United Kingdom – 

Concerns have been raised about Broomhayes specialist residential autism school, as changes in provision may lead to job losses.

The school, ran by the National Autistic Society will close it’s residential and day school provision early next year at “a date to be agreed”. The NAS will be working close sly with staff to offer support.

Chief Executive Mark Lever explained that the school was prompted to change as local educational services were referring less children and young adults to the school.

Mr Lever told BBC News that the drop in referrals was unsettling, and that the report from the Quality Care Standards commissioner stating the school was ‘far from satisfactory’ prompted the future changes.

Mr Lever said he recognised this was “an incredibly unsettling time” for the fully committed staff at Orchard house who were trying to provide the best possible care and support for students.

He added that by February the school would only have two students under the age of 18.

Around 60 members of staff will be able to reapply for their jobs.