Cesar Chavez – true story

ChavezA biography of the civil-rights activist and labor organizer Cesar Chavez. – IMDb

I liked this movie. It’s a true story about Cesar Chavez who helped immigrant farm workers, and made sure they get paid a fair amount of money for their hard work. Cesar went through so much trouble to put a union together for the farmers.

He even tried starving himself to make people see what was happening to the farm workers and make sure everyone was not violent. He didn’t stand for fighting at all. I liked that he was willing to do anything to look for help but some of the things he did was stupid.

My favorite person in the movie was Rosario Dawson. I think she is an amazing actress and is very good at what she does.


I didn’t like seeing so many people getting beat up, and to see little kids working on a farm made my heart hurt very bad. I think what happened back then was terrible and I’m glad Cesar Chavez worked hard to give the farm workers dignity. It makes me feel like I wish I could have been there to help them.