CANADA – Saskatchewan funding for autism lagging behind other provinces

Saskatoon, Canada – Saskatchewan funding for autism is lagging behind other provinces meaning that some families are choosing to move out of province.

Shannon Hill whose son Colby was diagnosed with autism spoke to Global News.

“Basically it’s a spectrum disorder, so he shares many of the characteristics of a child who has quote, full blown autism, but he doesn’t have all of the characteristics,”

Shannon explained that many other parents in her situation are either planning to leave the province or already have.

Saskatchewan spends about $7.5 million a year on autism treatment and services.

Linda Restau, who is with the Saskatchewan Ministry of Health said:

“We’ve made a 1400 per cent increase with services and supports and like any other program or service, I guess you can always do more,”

Funding is provided to health regions who then deliver autism services through existing programs.

Shannon works with autistic children and said many of them receive only several hours of behavioural therapy a week.

“The parents [in B.C.] advocated and lobbied to get rid of that, so that they would have more control over what was going on,”

The original article by Amber Rockliffe on the Global News website can be read here.

Watch Global’s interview with behaviour therapist Shannon Hill as she discuss the need for the Saskatchewan government to provide more funds for therapy.