Can the drug Ecstasy be of assistance in autism therapy?

TYTAna Kasparian, Ben Mankiewicz and Michael Shure from the The Young Turks discuss the potential use of Ecstasy in therapeutic uses with autism. Ana begins,

“The California Review Panel has decided to allow scientist to do a study on MDMA and what it could potentially do to help those who are born with autism. So this is really fascinating because MDMA is listed as a schedule 1 drug which means it has no medicinal value.”

The story was first reported on October 21st. The full article can be read here: Eric W Dolan / Raw Story:

“Two major committees have approved a study on the use of MDMA to help autistic adults with social anxiety, according to the organization that hopes to conduct the research. …The study will investigate the safety and therapeutic potential of MDMA-assisted therapy for treating social anxiety in 12 autistic adults.”