October 9, 2014

CFDA videoPlymouth,Campaign For Disability Awareness (CFDA) – has started running a project in order to raise disability awareness. They are asking its followers to post on social media a selfie and what disability they want to raise awareness for. This is done by writing, ‘Awareness  4’ with the disability that the individual wished to represent, followed by @campaign FDAL.

Individuals can either tweet their selfless or send them to the CFDA Facebook page.

Sharon Tiday, founder of CFDA, who has a son on the spectrum, told us that the idea behind this campaign is;

“to send a strong message out through social media that everyone wants awareness for something”

Sharon went on to say that once they have received an incredible amount of selfies they then aim to design a poster that  will be original, eye catching and show the need for awareness in the best visual way.

This poster will be used when they run events and for when they go into schools to advertise their campaign and engage with the pupils . So far they have had a brilliant response  from supporters and also from more recognised individuals such as autism ambassador Kevin Healey who has been an avid supporter of the charity;Tom Andrews Internet singing sensation has also sent in a selfie along with twin singers BritRoyal; Councillors Johnny Mercer and Chaz Singh; Bodyguards United founder and celebrity Dave Matthew Boddy and Rachael Dodd who is a local Plymouth feature writer for the Evening Herald.

This project will be ongoing and the campaign encourages people to send in their selfie for this great cause in order to help get their message across.

They have also been promoting their new video, that was filmed in the stunning grounds of The Dame Hannah Rodgers Trust which is where they run their monthly radio show with Access All Ariels. The trust have encouraged and supported the campaign throughout the year and have helped them to become known to a wider audience.

The video was filmed by Red Squirrel Productions and can be viewed below.

For anyone interested in knowing more or wishing to support the campaign, you can make contact via Facebook, as well as on twitter.

About the author 

Jo Worgan

Jo Worgan is a published author, writer and blogger. She has a degree in English Literature. She writes about life with her youngest son who is on the autistic spectrum. Jo tweets (@mummyworgan) and is also a freelance columnist for the Lancaster Guardian. ‘My Life with Tom, Living With Autism‘ is her second book and a culmination of her blog posts, and available on Kindle now, along with her first book, Life on the Spectrum. The Preschool years.

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