Camp counselor with Asperger’s files complaint against former employers after being terminated

Pennsylvania – A summer camp counselor with Asperger’s syndrome has filed a complaint against his employers for wrongful dismissal.

Cody Vos claims that he was terminated from his new position as a co-counselor at a camp after complaining to management about being verbally and sexually harassed by a colleague. Vos asserts that he was fired  as a result and both he and his parents were escorted off of the property by police officers. His father states:

“We got a phone call today after lunch that we need to pack him up because he told them what the employee did and they wanted him off the premises”


The family will be taking their case to the federal government citing the American Disabilities Act. However the camp’s management argues that they have found no evidence of the teen having been harassed. They also claim that Vos’ poor work performance was the reason for his dismissal.

Up until the incident occurred the teen had been enjoying his experience at the camp after having attended it for several years as a camper.

He states:

I enjoyed it, it was fun until I came to work here this year and my employer just was  absolutely  terrible to me”.