Broward deputies reunite therapy dog with six year old autistic girl

CC BY-NC-ND by Heartlover1717

CC BY-NC-ND by Heartlover1717

BROWARD COUNTY, FLORIDA – Broward Sheriffs Office went on an immediate search for a missing French Bulldog named Sampson after they received a 911 call about the missing dog.  Sampson. lovingly known as Sammy, is a therapy dog for Madeline, a six year old girl with autism.

The dog went missing from heir home after the family left for the post office. On their return they found the front door wide open and Sammy gone. Madeline’s mother,Tiffany Khuzhian, called 911 and the Broward Deputies started to search the area immediately. They found Sammy exhausted and overheated, several blocks from home.

Deputy Tally Brown found the dog and had to carry him to the police car.  Deputy Mitchell Lyden was especially moved as he has a son with autism and knows how difficult it would have been for Madeline to cope with losing her therapy dog.

Mrs. Kuzhian sent an emotional letter of gratitude to all the deputies, that stated:

“This was not their job, but they did it,”

Further adding:

“They did it with integrity, grace and most of all compassion.”

The families home is being foreclosed on and it will be difficult for Madeline to transition to a new home. Thankfully she will have her loyal therapy dog, Sammy to help with the transition.

The original news story by Sharon Lawson on the NBC 6 South Florida website