Bring It! – Reality TV with good dancers

BringItFilm and television reviews by our resident autistic film critic Maymay.

Bring It! is a new dance reality show which focuses on the dance team, The Dancing Dolls, from Mississippi. They are a competition dance team, and their style is, “Hip-Hop Majorettes.” Coach D is a strong woman, with a no-nonsense personality, and drives the girls under her to be the best they can be. Still, she has a human side, and she does care about the girls, and tries to be supportive of them.

I like watching this show. I think the moms staying outside of the studio is a good rule. It won’t distract the girls. I think the baby dolls are really cute. They are all really good dancers. I find it funny that for both teams their captain’s name is Kayla.

I think out of all the team chants that you hear DD4L is the best. None of the others make sense to me or it just sounds weird to me. I thought it was really cool that they did a travel camp and taught girls from other states to dance like them. I think Sunjai is getting better each time and I’m glad she was able to make it to the stand battles. She worked really hard for it and deserves to be there.I hope she stays where she’s at. I always like the dances that Coach D gives them.

Also there were some battles where Dancing Dolls should have won. Especially the one they had an extra judge they weren’t told about.I do think Sunjai’s mom does go a little overboard when Sunjai is in the spotlight though.Their moms arguing isn’t fun to listen to either.