Brain in Hand, mobile app seeks crowdfunding campaign for expansion

Brain in Hand, Autism App – was developed by Andrew Stamp to help his autistic son and a crowdfunding campaign is hoping to expand the app by raising £100,000 of the £750,000 it needs.

£375,000 has already been received from investors, who include Marek Gumienny. the 24 Haymarket director.

The app is used by four NHS trusts and four schools.

Brain in Hand has around 125 users, but the company hopes to expand this to 4,000 and this week it will be made available to individuals, it has previously been licensed only for organisations.

David Fry, the chief executive of the company, said Brain in Hand has struggled to win government support.

“We have found as a small company we have not attracted government funding at all. We have had to elbow our way into the field of health care. It’s difficult to change the way the NHS works,”

Brain in Hand was founded by Andrew Stamp, whose younger son has autism.

The app increases independence among people with autism by helping them manage every day anxieties.

Mr Fry said that several major companies were interested in licensing the app for employees with autism or Asperger’s Syndrome.

The original article by Denise Roland in The Telegraph can be read here