Boston Opera House host autism friendly performance of The Lion King

Lion KingBoston – Hakuna matata!  Boston Opera House is planning a “no worries” performance of The Lion King for an audience of families and members of the autism community this October.

The Boston Opera House teamed up with the New England chapter of Autism Speaks to create a “judgment free” Autism-friendly environment for the special showing.  The lights will be dimmed, there will be no strobe lights and sounds will be emitted at a lower intensity.  The showing is open exclusively to those with a need for sensory friendly showings.

One of the primary purposes of this showing is not only to provide a special opportunity to the local autism community, but also to give equal access to events like this.  Due to the unique challenges those impacted by autism face, the chance to attend such a theatrical performances is nonexistent.

Russ Kenn, Director of the New England chapter of Autism Speaks said:

“The main theme of this is equal access.  What we’re trying to do is give people who are impacted by autism the same opportunity everyone else has to go to a show,”

This performance will take place on October 11 at 2 pm.  Special ticket prices are available that start at $25.

For more information, visit the New England Autism Speaks website.

The original article by Kim Tunnicliffe on the CBS Boston news website can be read here