Blue Man Group to hold autism friendly show

Image taken from Facebook

Image taken from Facebook

Orlando, Fla. — Blue Man Group, an entertainment company best known all around the world for its creative production shows, has announced that it will be holding an ‘autism-friendly’ show.

The upcoming show is happening at Universal Orlando and is scheduled to start at 6 PM on Dec. 5, and the entertainment company said that has made many adjustments to accommodate the special needs of children with autism. Light and sound levels during the production will be modified any toned down, and headsets will be provided at the request of individuals in the audience. The company also said that audience interaction during the production will be lessened, and calming areas will be provided for the children who need a break from the show.

Ticket prices for the show start at $49, and Blue Man Group will be sharing part of the proceeds to Autism Speaks.

Families who are interested to watch may visit or call 1-800-258-3626.

Source: Dewayne Bevil: Orlando Sentinel: Blue Man Group schedules autism-friendly show date