BBC 2 films neurodiversity employment documentary

Prof Simon Baron Cohen, image taken from Wikipedia

Prof Simon Baron Cohen, image taken from Wikipedia

UK – The famed British channel BBC 2 will film and broadcast a documentary on employment problems for people with learning differences. The working title is “Employ Me” and will showcase employable people with autism, Tourette’s, and AHDH. This documentary hopes to promote the idea that neurodiverse people can be employed and may possess great skills that a neurotypical employee may lack-an idea the software company SAP has known for a long time.

For years SAP has recruited many on the spectrum because of their ability to focus on technological tasks, something neurotpyical people may find hard to do. But for those who aren’t lucky enough to get recruited by the software giant, finding employment is a real struggle. Only 15% of the neurodiverse population is employed because employers don’t want to take the extra time to support the employees who may need it.

Without work, learning differences people could succumbed to depression, something Prof Simon Baron Cohen, the director of the Autism Research Centre at Cambridge University, wants to change. As he told The Telegraph:

“For the person with the diagnosis, employment – with the right support – may be a powerful way to change their life immeasurably for the better and prevent the negative impact on mental health, such as depression, that is associated with unemployment.”

Contributed by Audrey L. Hollingshrad.

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