April 27, 2015

image taken from Facebook
image taken from Facebook

James Hobley – is a fifteen-year-old who has autism. His twin brother and elder brother are also on the autistic spectrum.

Now a dream has come true for James, from Redcar, UK, as he has been offered a place at the English National Ballet School.

James started off on his dance career when he won a scholarship to attend and board at The Hammond School that is in Chester, a specialist musical theatre and dance school. James told Gramilano:

“I love the feeling of freedom when I do a grand jeté and the total control when I land. It requires a lot of strength and I enjoy working on my muscle development. I just love to practice for hours on end after class to perfect a single movement. There is no such thing as perfection but I am constantly working on being the best I can be.”

James famously appeared on the ITV show, Britain’s Got Talent back in 2011, and made it to the final. Below you can watch Jame’s moving dance.


To date James has performed in Times Square and the O2 Arena, as well as carrying the Olympic flame. James is also a Young Patron of the autism charity, Anna Kennedy Online founded by Anna Kennedy OBE. James took part in the charity’s 2013 Autism Got Talent show.

Kathy Lette, James Hobley ( Young Patron of Anna Kennedy Online) and Anna Kennedy  at Autism's Got Talent 2013
Kathy Lette, James Hobley ( Young Patron of Anna Kennedy Online) and Anna Kennedy at Autism’s Got Talent 2013

James told Gramilano about what it means for him to have autism an what it was like for him growing up on the spectrum:

“I didn’t have any friends… to be honest I didn’t know what a friend was. I attended a special needs school where many of the other children had learning difficulties and autism. Not many of them interacted with one another so I didn’t have to deal with friendships. I just followed my twin brother George around as he attended the same special needs school.”

He further tells that autism for him is something that he was born with and that it is simply a part of him.

James ends the interview by saying, “dancing is everything to me. It is my life.”

We would like to wish James all the very best with his new and exciting future plans.

Source: on the Gramilano website:  Autistic ballet dancer James Hobley wins place at English National Ballet School

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