The Autistix Band: overcoming hurdles with talent – w/video

Credit, The Autistix Facebook page

Credit, The Autistix Facebook page

London — A group of friends from North London found a great way to overcome challenges that come with the developmental disabilities that they are all facing— by using their musical talents.

Jack Beavan-Duggan, Luke Steels, and Saul Zur-Szpiro— collectively known as The Autistix— have been through difficult situations that most people with autism unfortunately still go through: being judged by complete strangers for their developmental disabilities.

But these young men have chosen to let their talents shine above their disabilities— and they do not want to be pitied.

In an interview with The Guardian, Jack, the band’s electric guitarist, told:

“We don’t want people to feel sorry for us because we are autistics. We want people to come to our gigs, enjoy the music… You can also headbang, if you like.”

The band was formed in 2010, and has the members’ parents as its support team— with some of them even joining the Autistix onstage on a regular basis.

Ever since the band was formed, the group was not only able to book numerous gigs, they also had the chance to perform at a number of important events, including the Beatles’ Day in Hastings, and an international tour, with Spain as the first stop.

Apart from using their talents for the purpose of overcoming their disabilities, the band also hopes to showcase the talents and potential of musicians with disabilities through their performances.

Source: The Guardian: Autism rocks: meet the boys from The AutistiX – video