Autistic teenager Manny Dedmon, from Texas, is at the heart of the Birdville football team

footballNorth Richland Hills, Texas. – Birville football team are proud to include Manny as a team player. Ted Madden who interviewed friends and family about the autistic teenager was told that his smile is what sets him apart.

Manny is not just seen as a ‘token gesture’ he is very much a valued member of the team and played with the junior varsity all year, even scoring 4 touchdowns.

Manny is fully included in the team. Head coach Jim Skinner is reported as saying:

“Our players really care about Manny. They look after Manny, they take care of Manny, and nobody messes with Manny.”

Manny struggled socially as a child due to his autism, but that isn’t a problem now.

Manny’s best friend on the team, Jake Bransford, voiced that Manny was very quiet and shy when he first joined the team. They have now become very close and he drives Manny to and from football practice.

Erica Dedmon was told that her son would never have friends or get married due to his social problems but she now believes that anything is possible.

The full article by Ted Madden on the website can be viewed below and read here