Autistic Boy with Pig is Favorite at Weber County 4-H Fair

Ogden, UT –  13-year old autistic teen Tucker Doak beat the odds and raised a hog to auction off at Weber County’s 4-H Fair. The 271 pound hog was named Hazel and sold at $10.50 per pound while others were only getting $4-5 per pound. Weber County Fair special event coordinator Stacy Skeen said Hazel was the top selling hog. As Plain City resident Tammy McKean told The Spectrum:

“So many people were trying to buy that pig. Everyone felt (Tucker’s) love and wanted to give it back. We were among a whole bunch of people who were on the same page.”

Tucker Doak has braved many challenges in his life. Along with being autistic he also has an unspecified form of Dwarfism and suffers frequent temporal focal seizures. Doctors said he wouldn’t walk but he did at just 5 1/2-years-old. He now says some words, the most important of which being “I love you.” Jamie Doak, Tuckers mother, says that despite all that he faces, he’s a goer, never shy, and loves to give back as much as gets out of life.

Tuckers mother,Jamie, and father, Tucker, work full time. They have three kids. A daughter, McKlay, who is 15, a boy Tucker, and another boy, Rylan who is 8. 

This is the first time the Doak’s participated in the Junior Livestock Program. McKlay suggested they raise a pig and Tucker bonded with Hazel quickly. The McKeans won the pig and, as required, will slaughter Hazel and give the meat back to the Doaks. 

The original article by Cathy McKitrick on The Spectrum website can be read here