Autistic Boy Receives Unexpected Visit and Gifts From a Union Pacific Conductor with video

trainClinton, UTA –  “Train conductor Matthew”, a twelve year old boy with autism, experienced the surprise of his young life! A real conductor For the Union Pacific stopped his train to visit with him. The summer camp Matthew Mancil has been attending at Meadows Park is located next to the train tracks

Matthew, who has autism and an intellectual disability, would wave everyday at the conductors to get them to blow their horns and whistles.  Matthew has been obsessed with trains all his life.  On Thursday, the train conductor who must have seen Matthew waving daily, decided to park the train and go visit with Matthew.

Matthews father said,

“Stopping a train isn’t the easiest thing, but he took a couple of minutes out of his day to help my son, and man, it was all my son could talk about. He had to call up everyone he knew and talk about it.”

The Mancil family has tried to find out who the conductor was but as of now he remains anonymous.

The Union Pacific conductor not only stopped to visit with Matthew, he brought Matthew a few things.  Matthew was excited to receive a safety vest, sunglasses, gloves and a lantern all with the Union Pacific Logo.

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