Autism Wessex charity celebrates its 5th year

Dorset, England — Autism Wessex, a charity founded in 2010, has recently celebrated its fifth anniversary.

The charitable organization is committed to helping individuals with autism spectrum disorder (ASD)— as well as the families caring for them— through various services, including a drop-in advocacy service that helps individuals and families socialize with others who are in a similar situation as them.

Autism Wessex has so far responded to more than 6,000 enquiries made at their offices over the past five years— and has given assistance to thousands by offering various services that include giving advices on behavior, benefits, diagnosis, education, employment, other support services, and assistance on applying for benefits and support services— all free of charge.

Autism Wessex Manager Karen Wilmshurst told:

“The past five years have flown by. I am very proud of what we have achieved. To date our information and advice helpline has received over 6,000 enquiries and we circulate monthly advice newsletters to over 1,000 subscribers.

“Our parent training programs are also very popular, supporting over 300 parents so far. It’s good to know we are helping so many people.”

Just this April, the organization launched the “Autism Alert Card” with the help of the Dorset Police. The cards— which are given to individuals with autism— carry information about them and their developmental disability, and is purposed to help them explain whenever they’re feeling anxious and are in need of help.

The organization also just recently gave out 53 of its ‘Thumbs Up’ awards to individuals who made a difference in the autism community.

Although the charity is a benefactor of the Big Lottery Fund’s annual grant, it still needs to raise additional funds to continue its operations.

According to Ms. Wilmshurst:

“This service is a lifeline to people affected by autism; we are here for people when they need us. If you want to find out more about it or ways you can fundraise, please get in touch on 01305 21313.”

Source: Jade Grassby: Bournemouth Echo: Happy anniversary! Autism charity celebrates helping thousands