Autism treatment effective for helping war veterans with PTSD

soldiersNewport Beach, CA – A device developed to help individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder has recently been found to be effective in the treatment of war veterans suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

Doctors at Newport Beach’s Brain Treatment Center have revealed that neuromodulation can help to heal portions of the brain that have been significantly impacted by a traumatic occurrence or event such as fighting in a war.

The treatment involves several steps with the first being a diagnostic procedure being undertaken on the patients’ brain in order to identify potential problem areas. Following the testing, physicians can then use the device to deliver high-intensity magnetic fields into the brain in order to alter its frequencies and overall functioning.

Veterans including Johnathan Warner have underwent the procedure and report that they have experienced a significant decrease in the amount of PTSD symptoms they had been suffering from which include insomnia, anxiety and depression.

Warren, an Army vet who had struggled emotionally for years after receiving a traumatic brain injury in 2006, now firmly believes in the efficacy of the treatment. The former soldier has subsequently begun working at the center as a liaison in order to promote the device to those who also have the debilitating disorder.

The original article by Greg Lee on the abc 7 Eyewitness News website can be read here