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March 28, 2015

Image taken from Facebook
Image taken from Facebook

Loughborough, UK – The NuDance Contemporary team dance came in first at the Loughborough University Dance Competition with a dance featuring autism. The team also won Best University out of the thirty that competed. Impact Arts news outlet met with NuDance team member and 4th year Pharmacy student Georgia Attfield, who gave insight into their meaningful autism themed dance.

The inspiration for their dance came from the their teacher, whose daughter is on the spectrum. Attfield told Impact Arts thAt it is important to raise awareness about autism, but not just as a medical condition, but also about the social discrimination that can accompany it. In the dance the other dancers first turn their backs to the dancer with autism and, throughout the performance, they gradually turn around and accept her.

“Emotionally, we aim to begin as stoic, and gradually express a greater feeling of empathy with the autistic figure – mirroring her emotion – as the piece progresses.”

Attfield then goes on to further add that the autistic figure, as portrayed on stage, initially initially is perceived to be different and

“frustrated against a harmonious backdrop of the remaining dancers moving in unison.”

Attfield ends the interview by stating that dance can be an effective medium in helping to communicate ideas and to spread awareness.

The video of the winning contemporary piece at LSU Dance Competition can be viewed below.

Contributed by Audrey L. Hollingshead

Source: Malena Wong on the Impact Arts Nottingham University website: Interview with NUDancme On Autism

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