Autism project gets boost after family donates 40 acres for new facility – With Video

The Autism Trust

The Autism Trust

Austin, TX – A family has donated 40 acres of land to assist in the building and development of a new autism facility. The vocational assisted living home was the brainchild of Polly Tommey, a British woman who created a similar facility in England after her son was diagnosed with the disorder over a decade ago.

In the years following her son’s diagnosis, Tommey has endeavored to help individuals on the autism spectrum lead meaningful, fulfilling and productive lives. Thus the mission of the facility, which is currently under renovation, is to identify the strengths that each person with autism has and ultimately help them to foster and develop their respective abilities.

After hearing about the project, which is being undertaken by Tommey’s charity Autism Trust, Lisa Eckhart opted to donate a significant amount of her family’s land to aid in its development. However, the project has faced various financial challenges and Tommey has publicly stated that anyone who wishes to lend their support can help by donating any construction materials they have.

The Autism Trust is also raising money through the sale of arts and crafts made by individuals who will be using the facility with all proceeds going to the project.

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