The Autism Project — East Bay Support Center to open in Rhode Island

Warren, R.I. — A support center for individuals with autism will be opened in East Bay in Rhode Island Monday.

The center, called The Autism Project — East Bay Support Center, was created through a joint collaboration of The Autism Project and The Bristol Rotary Charities Foundation.

The East Bay Support Center will be open to all residents of East Bay who have autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

The support center will be located inside the Highlander Charter School located along Route 136, but individual meetings with parent resource specialists as well as trainings will be held at the East Bay Chamber of Commerce and the Mount Hope High School, which both donated spaces for the center.

The Autism Project — East Bay Support Center was conceived after the Bristol Rotary Charities Foundation found that many East Bay residents needed to travel to far places just to avail of resources and services for their children who are affected with autism spectrum disorder.

The opening of the support center was thought to be ‘prohibitive’ at first, but The Autism Project Executive Director Joanne Quinn says:

“…the overwhelming community support and their fundraising efforts will allow us to help so many more individuals in their own back yard.”

Source: Providence Journal: New help in East Bay for those with autism