Autism-friendly ER room opens at Columbia Memorial Hospital – w/video

Hudson, NY – A new specialized pediatric care room for children with autism opened at the Columbia Memorial Hospital on Monday.

The room, which is situated in the ER area, will feature age-appropriate beds, calming decor, an iPad station and specially-designed weighted blankets. Members of the hospital’s pediatric care team believe that it will provide children with a space where they will be able to receive the care they require in a comforting and soothing environment.

Additionally, the room is large enough for several family members to provide comfort and support to the children who can often become frightened or over-stimulated in typical ER settings. With autism rates surging throughout North America, there is an increased need for health facilities that provide care for children to accommodate their unique needs. Dr. Arun Nandi, the hospital’s emergency room director, asserts that the new area will be a valuable tool for families who need ER services.

Nandi believes that because children on the autism spectrum are often unable to communicate their fears, the need for a method to reach out to them has subsequently arisen. As a result, the idea for the autism-friendly space was conceived and has so far been a success. Funding for the project was obtained through a “Bid for Kids” auction that took place previously.

Source: The cbs 6 Albany news website: ER to help communicate with Autism opens