Autism Diagnosis May have Bearing on Gable Tostee Murder Case

lawNEW ZEALAND – Accused balcony killer, Gable Tostee, has been given more time with his attorney to prepare for a bail application. The will be based on the fact that Tostee was previously diagnosed on the autism spectrum.

This diagnosis could have a bearing on how the court viewed what happened inside Tostee’s Gold Coast apartment, the night a New Zealand tourist, Warriena Wright, fell to her death.

Tostee, also known as the ‘Gold Coast Playboy’, may not have been on the balcony when the fall occured.

Justice Mullins said the case for murder is proving to be difficult and there may be a stronger case for manslaughter. Justice Mullins has asked for more information concerning Tostee’s diagnosis of ASD. The Justice indicated the autism diagnosis could have a bearing on what happened that night at Tostee’s apartment. Although his autism diagnosis was referenced briefly in the Crown’s documents, it was not presented by the defense.

Defence Barrister Anthony Kimmins replied that he wasn’t sure when Tostee last visited a specialist, and sought more time to find out.

He was arrested in mid-August and was charged with murder. He remains in police custody.

The original article on the 9 News Australia website can be read here