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April 6, 2018

DubaiDubai, UAE – The 7th annual A Walk for a Walk event will be taking place next month in an effort to raise awareness regarding autism within the community as well as awareness of the 7th annual autism walk in Dubai, taking place in April this year. The Emirates Walk for Autism first took place in 2009 after an initiative by Dr Nahida Nasseri and the Emirates Red Crescent to help in funding research and to educate the public about the condition.

With autism rates on the rise in the UAE where 1 in 10 families are affected by the disorder, members of the medical community have taken it upon themselves to develop ways to raise awareness regarding ASD. Arguing  that most families struggle financially as well as emotionally due to  caring for a child with the disorder, walk co-founder Dr. Nahida Nasseri  believes that both the government and the community should strive to provide support for those who are in need of it. He states:

 “We hope that every little bit we do helps the families to become more aware of autism and to learn ways to cope.”

The walk which, organizers expect over 1000 people to attend this year, therefore has two objectives.  Ultimately, the goal is both to help the public understand and thus accommodate individuals in the community who have the disorder and also promote the development of new autism therapies, corporate social programs and research initiatives as well.

The event will be taking place at the Corniche on Friday February 20.

Source: Ruba Haza on The National UAE website: Walk aims to raise funds and awareness of autism




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