August 5, 2014

Image taken from Facebook
Image taken from Facebook

Vancouver, Washington – Autism and Scouting is a program of Autism Empowerment. There are four foundational pillar of positivity:  Accept, Enrich, Inspire and Empower.  These pillars are instrumental in the success of the Autism and Scouting Program.

The Autism and Scouting program dedicates itself to making life better and more meaningful for not only the Scouts but the families also.  All ages and abilities of those with an Autism Spectrum Disorder or an Asperger’s diagnosis.  The Autism and Scouting program is designed to function on all levels: locally, nationally and globally.

The Autism and Scouting program is a public charity 501(C)(3) founded in 2011 in Vancouver, Washington. The goal for Autism and Scouting is simple, it is a goal of Autism Empowerment. This is a supportive online community where parents, scouts, former scouts, scout leaders and community leaders can openly discuss the challenges and benefits of a scouting experience for those on the autism spectrum.

The first pillar of the Autism and Scouting program is Accept.  Most scouting organizations already accept those with different abilities  and some have made special accommodations to help the scouts become successful.

Enrich is the second pillar.  The Scouting experience enhances life skills for all that participate in Scouting. Scouts are also taught character-building and leadership skills to use throughout their lives.

The third pillar is Inspire. Scouts have a wonderful opportunity to share and give to others talents and abilities that each has.  This is early inspiration for young Scouts which in turn, inspires everyone to become a better person.

Empower is the fourth pillar and one of the most important. Scouting, has from it’s very inception, empowered youth to use skills and friendships  to prepare them to reach high in everything they do.

Autism and Scouting as well as Autism Empowerment have a Facebook page which aims to be an online support system for parents, children with autism spectrum disorders, Asperger’s, caregivers, teachers and other scouts support. Service providers, parents and other scouts can interact online.

In using the Autism and Scouting and Autism Empowerment Facebook sites it is suggested to keep positive and helpful. Introduce why you are interacting with this group.  Provide useful links for services or resources that might be beneficial to the members of the Facebook page. At all times be respectful in your blogs and posts.

The Facebook page for Autism and Scouting reminds everyone;

If you are interested in hosting or promoting some sort of collaboration / joint fundraiser that includes funding support for Autism Empowerment, meets our core values and supports acceptance for those on the autism spectrum, please let us know. We truly appreciate and welcome the support! “

The Autism Empowerment website can be found here

For more information you can phone (360) 852-8369 or email at

Contributed by Mary Alexa Norris, teacher and writer with a passion for empowering those on the autism spectrum and with special needs.


About the author 

Mary Alexa Norris

Mary Alexa Norris is a teacher and writer with a passion for empowering those on the autism spectrum and with special needs. She currently resides with her husband in Dominican Republic.

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