‘Art for Autism’ goes to Miami

art brushesMiami — New York City-based non-profit organization American Autism Association is bringing the first-ever ‘Art for Autism’ exhibit to Miami’s Wynwood Arts District.

‘Art for Autism’ is an event that will showcase the works of renowned artists from different parts of the country, as well as Israel, alongside the works of students with special needs from Miami’s Learning Links school.

The event, which is scheduled to take place July 24, will be featuring the exhibition of the artists’ artworks, and will be holding an auction towards the end of the exhibit.

‘Art for Autism’ is the first of its kind for the American Autism Association, and the organization hopes to use the proceeds from the event to fund their future projects which include programs that reach out to low-income families.

American Autism Association Executive Director Eliane Abou-Assi told that one of their interns cam e up with the idea:

“We only expanded to Miami under two years ago. … We wanted to be recognized a little more here in the community. Our office is actually in the Wynwood area and art is really prevalent here.”

The first-ever ‘Art for Autism’ in Miami will feature artworks from renowned artists Trent Altman, Vito Bonanno, and J.A. Tan. Artworks from local special needs students will be featured side-by-side the renowned artists’ works during the exhibit. According to Abou-Assi art is a fantastic way for people to express themselves and is also a good hobby for people who struggle with socialising. Further adding that it is “really going to serve as an inspiration for the younger generation who are just getting involved in these types of things. …We are really hoping that the event will be a great success.”

Source: Ismail Ercan: Miami Herald: American Autism Association’s first-ever ‘Art for Autism’ event coming to Miami