Anna Kennedy Online Presents ‘Wear it for Autism’ 2014

Wear it for AutismWear it for Autism –  will be pampering Mums, Dads, Grandparents and Carers – who either have autism themselves or care for those living with the condition. All participants were nominated by loved ones and then voted for by a panel of judges, who include:

Steven Smith , Angel Sinclair , Dr Pam Spurr, Maggie Paterson, Sam Tomlin and Fiona Shepherd.

The winners were announced Monday July 14 and are;

 Mums : Ann Wright, Sharon King, Maimuna Mutaasa and Lisa Embery-Donaghy

Dads : Craig Binns and Lee Cook

Grandparent : Sandra Trotter

Family : Anne & Steven Rann

Adult with Autism : Dani Bowman

Child with Autism : Sophie Jayne Garner

Young Carers : Demi Stamp and Emma Bell

All winners will be having a full makeover and taking centre-stage in a  fashion event at  London’s Millenium Hotel , 17 Sloane Street; Knightsbridge; London, SW1X 9NU  on Oct 6th.

The event will take place in Le Chinois Restaurant and Bar.

Anna Kennedy OBE said:

“The idea behind Wear It For Autism was to spoil those who usually never get a chance to treat – or even think – of themselves. Living with autism can be challenging and extremely demanding so we wanted to create a special event, that would be fun for all involved ‘ Tickets for the show will be available soon and all ticket holders will receive FREE goody bags!

Celebrity presenters this year including Arlene Phillips CBE, Kirk Norcross , Abz, Keith Mason, Dr Pam Spurr, Amy Willerton, Steve King, Jason Leech and many more .

All the winners will be treated to a top-to-toe makeover by styling experts and take part in the ‘Wear It for Autism’ catwalk show.

Tickets for the show are available now, priced at £15 each and all ticket holders will receive FREE goody bags!

To obtain a ticket order form please contact Lisa Robins  via email

For more information please go to the Anna Kennedy Online website