Alabama now provides identification cards for individuals with autism

idcardsMontgomery, Ala. — The Department of Public Health in Alabama announced that identification cards for citizens diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) are now available.

The identification cards will contain important and helpful information about each individual’s diagnosis, including any communication difficulty or any problem they may have on understanding directions.

The cards will also state whether the holder may become agitated if he was touched, due to his condition.

According to the Alabama Department of Public Health, individuals who wish to avail of the identification card must have a certification from a healthcare provider verifying that they were diagnosed on the spectrum.

Individuals with ASD may avail of the identification cards at the state’s county health departments for a fee of $10. The cards are especially helpful during emergency situations, allowing law enforcers as well as first responders to gather the necessary information needed about the individuals on the spectrum.

The cards while originally designed and intended for drivers have sparked interest in a broader capacity. Jamey Durham, Director, Bureau of Professional and Support Services for the Alabama Department of Public Health, told Fox 6 Alabama,

“We’ve had parents call and say “Listen, I have an Autistic child and I would just like to have one of these cards so they can have it at school if something excites them,” it would be nice to know they had that card in their purse or pocket that they could share.”

For more information please contact the Autism Society of Alabama,

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